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Another 1 Day 1 Year Lifespan

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Uploaded: 8th Sep 2022 at 11:46 AM
Updated: 8th Sep 2022 at 5:12 PM
This thing, is called a "MOD", and it lets you have a different lifespan i made by myself.

As obviously, i made it so the lifespan will make you feel like your sims age just like in real life, except with days, of course.

How Do Human Sims Age?
(Originally 3 Days) Babies last 1 day and turn into pain in the bottom (Toddlers) at 12 months (1 year obviously),
(Originally 4 Days) Toddlers last 5 days and turn into big kids (Children) at 6,
(Originally 8 Days) Children last 8 days turn into even bigger kids (Teenagers) at 14,
(Originally 15 Days) Teenagers last 8 days and turn into Adults at 22,
(Originally 29 Days) Adults become old and tired (Elders) at 60,
(Originally 9-30 Days) And Elders got 10-20 days until they go "sleep" underground!

They'll live 70-80 days.

What About Plant-Sims?
Plant Toddlers last 8 days and turn into GROWN Plant-Adults at 8 days,
Plant-Adults last 38 days and turn into Elders at 46
Plant-Elders have 15-25 days until they literally wither.

They'll live 61-71 days.

Conflicts and one note
It mightn't be a good idea to mix it with another lifespan mod
I recommend for you to use Lazy Duchess' Smart Age Correct Mod so your sims can age accordingly to this mod

I Couldn't have even been able to make it without SimPE and Simlogical's Age Group Tweak