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Edited Education Hours

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Uploaded: 16th Sep 2022 at 11:05 AM
Updated: 10th Dec 2022 at 4:09 AM
I made changes to the description, title, and updates to the mod (read description below). You won't notice a difference unless you came across this mod before since the changes are subtle. I went back to patch 1.67. Delete the older version from your game and cache files.

Do you ever feel like children and teens start school a little too late in the day (9am)? Simmers like you and me pay attention to details and want change, but can't find a mod for it anywhere.

So... I whipped this up and I am pretty satisfied.

How a school day works?

Both children and teens attend school at the same time (8am) (bus 7am). On every school day your children\teens will wake up at 6am, just an hour before to get ready for the bus pick up. If they miss the bus or you don't want them to take the bus because you feel being at school an hour early is too early (I agree), it's ok, you have until 8am until actual class starts.

Children (elementary) and teens (high school) dismiss from school at different times (teens get out an hour early, which is default by EA). Children dismiss school at 3pm while teens dismiss school at 2pm. This means a full 8 hours of school for children and 7 hours for teens instead of 6 hours for teens and 7 hours for children.

What are the hours for the education career?

Playground monitors wake up at 9am, go to work at 10am, and get off at 1pm. Any job levels with "Teacher" in the title, except high school teachers wake up at 6am, go to work at 7am, and get off at 3pm. High school teachers wake up at 6am, go to work at 7am, and get off at 2pm. Any job levels above teachers wake up at 6am, go to work at 7am, and get off at 1pm.

Everyone works from Monday through Friday, except the District Superintendant, which works from Monday through Thursday. I made it so teachers go to school an hour early before students, unless those students rode the bus, and both dismiss at the same time with their grade. Ex. high school teachers dismiss with high school students and elementary teachers dismiss with elementary students.

I made it so playground monitors only have to work during hours elementary students would have recess because I thought it was realistic.

* Created and tested with patch 1.67 and should work with patch 1.69 (not sure about anything before that so use at your own risk)

* Conflicts *

This mod is a XML file and shouldn't conflict with any other mod except "School Tuning-Detention, Start Times, and Sleeping in Class" created by van Dorn and "Sims 3 Careers Global Overhaul" created by MrFatCat

* Ask Questions *

Don't be afraid to ask questions and let me know if you experience any issues. I will be glad to help.