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Take Sims To Court - Sue Sims, Become a Lawyer, Have Court Weddings and More!

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Uploaded: 16th Sep 2022 at 9:12 PM
Updated: 14th Nov 2023 at 8:07 PM
Fed up of your klepto neighbours stealing your morning paper? Sick of the ungodly racket coming from the town “musician’s” guitar strings? Well, don’t put up with it any longer—take your grievance to the court!

Each case has its own criteria for application as well as different criteria for winning or losing the case. Aside from court hearings, there are numerous other legal activities that sims can partake in.

Recommended Mods (but not required): Missy Hissy Lawyer Career, my Functioning Printer Mod, GamesFreak's Advice Mod, Battery Script Utility Auto-Menu.

Modules (14/11/23)
Real Estate Module for this mod can be found: Here (simblr.cc)

Open Court Case Interactions

The following interactions are found on the City Hall rabbithole under 'Court Services'.


Legal Matters

Sim Interactions

Computer Interactions

3 New Buffs: Won Lawsuit, Lost Lawsuit, Hot Court Date.
1 New Object: Legal Document.
Tuning: All values, beside the traits/buffs that can help you win a case, are tuneable with Battery's Script Utility Auto Menu installed.

Included in the download : Main mod package, mod objects package and mod documentation.

Thanks to my testers on the Creators Discord! @simsdeogloria​ @simbouquet​ @desiree-uk​ @misspats3
HYRDO1st for the Russian Translation.
Those who gave suggestions/ideas. @bietjie​ @twinsimming​ Sonja A, Olomaya
Gamesfreak for the Job Overhaul mod, a giant help and inspiration in this mod.
Battery for the Script Utility, which saved me the headache of making my own menu and/or xml file for the bajillion tuneable attributes.