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Simnation Save File: The Ultimate Cross Pack Save File for The Sims 4

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Uploaded: 26th Sep 2022 at 1:14 PM
Updated: 11th Dec 2022 at 9:03 AM
Do you ever feel that as more expansion packs was released in The Sims 4, The more the older worlds feel "outdated" and lacks integration from the current packs? Worry No More! The Sims 4 Simnation save file is here to integrate all of the content in almost every pack in one unified save. This is for simmers like me who own packs in The Sims 4, but are annoyed of lack of integration.

1. Better Sims! AS more features are added in Expansion, Game, and Stuff Packs, the more are being left out for the previously released content. Don't you find it weird that the only sims that have a University degrees are those that live in Brichester? or the fact that by the beggining of the game, only sims in Del Sol Valley has Fame and Reputation, while Sims in Mt. Komorebi are the only ones that have lifestyles? This save files tries to integrate all the features across all sims in the worlds.
What this means is that every premade sims will have the following.
a. Lifestyles (if Snowy Escape is installed)
b. Fame and Reputation (If Get Famous is installed)
c. University Degree (If University is Installed)
d. Clubs! (If Get Together is Installed)
e. Retail Ownership! (If Get to Work is Installed)
f. Likes and Dislikes
g. Total of Five Traits (if More Traits in CAS is installed)
h. Hobby and Lifetime Aspirations (If Missy Hissy Wants is installed)
i. Language Preferences (if Language Barriers Mod is installed)

2. Gameplay objects outside of Lots! Another pet peeve of mine. It is annoying that that the only place where there are horseshoe outside of our playable lot is in Granite Falls, simply because that was the pack where it came with. With this save file, that is no longer the case. Now you can see bunnies and birds in rural areas, opportunities for street art in city neighborhoods, skill related objects that thematically fits the worlds, playground equipment (no longer need to bulldoze your home just to place a toddler jungle gym. It is now on some neighborhoods!) and much more. Not only this makes the world more alive, but for those who do not want to live their home lots due to loading screens, this can present more gampelay opportunities.

3. Lots from the gallery. To maximize the cross pack compatibility, I decided to use lots from the gallery that I had playtested and use content from many packs as possible. This means that you will see objects from all packs in all worlds. For example, there is now a Pool lot in Willow Creek that have hot tubs in it. In Oasis Springs, it is considered as the "bowling capital" of the save file, and you will see the world thematically themed around it, thus making Bowling Night Stuff more encouraging to play if you live in Oasis Springs.

These is one of the major intent in this save file. By incorporating all packs in one save in all worlds, the player have more opportunities to play with the packs that they have bought, rather than buying the pack, and forgetting about it. (I didn't even remember that I have luxury or spooky stuff until I did this save file lmao).

4. More variety in Lot Types. Haunted Houses, Tiny Homes, Retail Stores, Thrift Shops, Public Pools, Cafes, Restaurants, Spa's, and any other lots that could be found in one world by default is now by the beginning of the game, placed in the world. You no longer need to placed haunted houses or any other lots in the game upon loading the save because those are already readily built for you.

5. 70+ Clubs - To add, clubs are now themed depending on the world, and all of the clubs have unique icons, and activities to do. Some of them are rivals with each other, while others are not. Clubs not being isolated in Windenburg by default is one of the biggest things that I wanted to do, and I am happy that I was able to do it.

6. Finally, Selvadorada and Granite Falls are residential worlds in these save. I hate how the world that is meant to represent Latin America is a vacation world where sims from other worlds can travel and loot from. That is why I decided to add families, and replaced the museum there. You can still go hunt for treasure if you wanted to, but by default, Selvadorada and Granite Falls are residential worlds, as they should be.

**Also this save do not use Journey to Batuu. 100% Journey to Batuu free. Never gonna buy that and if you did not buy it, no need to worry because that was the only pack that this save did not include**

Here are the descriptions of the worlds. Enjoy! Be sure to download ALL essential Mods! :D


The Save file will need Mods To Work. I have separated them from Recommended and Required Mods. Required Mods are essential because they are used from the beginning and needed for some of the features to work such is the club icons. The following are the list of mods that you will need. These mods also promotes cross pack gameplay, which is why they are required for the save. A notable example would be the Archeology Mod because it makes the Archeology from Jungle Adventure to be cultivated from all worlds and not just Selvadorada. The Mods are the following

This mods are required for the game to be used because these are the CC that are used as main foundation in some of the lots (such as the retail stores and objects outside of the lots)

Shop For Fresh Ingredients by Ravasheen

Shop Chef Consumables

Shop Chef Buffet

Slide Into Your Mods

Auto Short Teens (Every Teen in the save file was adjusted with the use of the mod. I assume this will cause issues if you play the game without the mod. Premade Teens are all adjusted so you no longer need to adjust the other teens)

Zerbu Venue Changes (Vacation Worlds are residential in the save, so you will need this mod.)

All Worlds are Residential by Zerbu

More Club Icons (All the new 70 Clubs are using custom icons from the mod)

Hobby Traits

Music Festival Mod

Archeology Kit by Simsonian

Ring Up Customers at Register

This are mods that are not required but is recommended because the save file was made in the assumption that you have installed the mod, and was built with this mod integrated in the game.

More Traits in CAS (If installed, all premade sims in the save will have five traits)

Language Barriers Mod

Custom Wants Mod

Hobby Mod (All Sims have hobbies by default)

Personality Mod

Gossip about Neighborhood Stories

Check Out Venue

Wedding Dinners at Restaurant

Give me Some Talent

They’re so Random!

Keep Sims from Home Region Mod

-----UPDATE LOG---
- Minor Changes in some of the lots.
- Updated Issues with some sims not having traits.

- The Fashion Classics restaurant in San Myshuno previously have floating objects above the lot causing issues in the world map. Those are now remove.
- Get Musical! When playing the game, I noticed that community lots are quiet. Therefore, I have added community radios on community lots from various packs. Some music related lot types such as bars and karaoke, and lots where music does not make sense like the library was not changed at all.
- Baia dell'amore have a boat on the lot which is not intractable and was placed with MOO. I probably did not removed it after trying to add those objects in the world. The boat is now removed by default.
- 8 Bells lot in Strangerville was not changed. Probably forgot about it when replacing default community lots to the one from the gallery. I have found a lot from the gallery and replaced the default in the save.

Extract the rar into Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/ Saves