Truely Unique Sims

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Uploaded: 6th Oct 2022 at 1:34 PM
Hello, all!

Generates unique looking sims from pressing the face randomizer (Not the body randomizer) button in CAS based on 177 saved sims presents across all genders and ages.

*Beware not all random face generations will be pleasant, but the majority will be! :-D

I made this mod because I recently download an empty world and when I went to create a bunch of families to fill the world, all of the families looked the same, then I discovered the mods "FacePresetEditor" and "ld_PresetMaker_Mod" by LazyDuchess which allows you to make presets from already created sims, so I used my favorite sims to create 177 presets, and decided to upload the presets here to save everyone else the trouble.

Special Thanks to... LazyDuchess, and the many sim creators who made the unique sim faces that I converted into presets...