Less Photo Friendship

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Uploaded: 25th Sep 2022 at 7:22 PM
Updated: 26th Sep 2022 at 6:30 PM
Decreases the friendship gain a sim gets when taking another sim’s photo.

Makes playing photographer sims more feasible as they don’t automatically befriend every sim they take a photo of.

  • Friendship gain per photo is decreased from 5 to 1 (per photo).
  • Decreased the chance of the relationship gain happening from 100% to 50%.
If you want you can modify the mod for bigger/smaller relationship increase or a bigger/smaller chance of it happening. This is just what I use.

Under the hood:
In vanilla, each photo taken of a sim (the Take photo of and Take photo with interactions on the phone and cameras) increases the relationship between the sims by 5.
If a sim takes 5 photos they’re already at 25 friendship even without a nice introduction or a pristine reputation.

With the mod, there’s still a chance for a relationship gain but it’s 50% and the gain is reduced from 5 to 1. That means if the sims is unrealistically lucky, the maximum relationship gain they could achieve is 5 per “set” of 5 photos.

This affects photos taken of a sim or with a sim, using either a camera placed in the inventory, a tripod camera or the photo camera.
It doesn't affect the HSY Photo Booth. That uses a different mechanic.

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