Amangiri Knock Off (No CC)

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Uploaded: 10th Oct 2022 at 7:04 AM
This is my first upload on Mod The Sims

I like the design of Aman Resorts. The resorts are known for their balanced, relatively symmetrical look. The resorts also have rather simple shape building and decorations. Here is my work of recreating Amangiri.

A drawback from recreating the resort exactly as it is, is that the actual resort is extremely big (I never visited there so I just looked at pictures form the internet). I may be able to resize the buildings, but I think it will not look right. Beside, no matter how big and how many rooms your hotel has, the game will only allow one family to stay. Rather than having a big lot filled mostly with tourists and npcs, I separated the suites and the public areas into 5 different lots.

There are 3 types of room: The Suite, The Suite with Pool, and The Suite Large. Each suite lot has 2 rooms (except The Suite Large only has 1) and check-in area. This way, you can place the suites as many as you want in your vacation hood, while you need to leave your suite lot to visit public areas. There are 2 public areas: The Pavilion and The Spa. The Pavilion has pool, restaurant, fireplace deck, bar, souvenir shop, and working space. The Spa has pool, hot tub, makeover salon, sauna, massage treatment, fitness and excercise room.

Room amenities:
Private courtyard entrance with dining table
Private terrace
Private sky terrace on Suite Pool and Suite Large
Bed - double or single
Living area
Writing desk
Bathroom with tub, double sink and dresser
Twin shower, separate toilet
Flatscreen TV, telephone
Mini fridge, coffee machine

Rates per night:
Amangiri Suite
rate per night: up to $2,517

Amangiri Suite Pool
rate per night: up to $3,172

Amangiri Suite Large
rate per night: $5,612

Rates are based on the first test. It may change a little because of minor update.

The actual resort is in the desert. None of vacation hood type fits but I think this set is okay for mountain vacation. You can create custom desert vacation hood or put the lots in premade hood. You may want to build your own community lot filled with objects to fulfill vacation mementos, like food stand and axe wood.

Bonus: Mesa Home. This is part of actual resort. This is residential lot and has 4 bedrooms. You can place it on vacation hood and have your sim fulfill the want to buy vacation home, or you can place it on main hood for your sim's house. Your sim can buy the house for $273,396.

This set is CC-free, built in flat lot, no sim visit any lot, and compressed using Lot Compressor by Chris Hatch. I made copy and playtested in different hood (Strangetown). EPs and SPs are required.

Do not forget to create backup before installing these lots. Do not repost anywhere, please use link to this page.

Your sim deserves luxury vacation!