Star Wars: One With The Force

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Uploaded: 17th Oct 2022 at 4:59 PM
Updated: 4th Nov 2022 at 5:14 PM
This is a script mod that depends on four new traits to enhance your Star Wars gameplay.

What it does
Introduces four new traits with custom social interactions that are best played in the combinations:
  • Lord of the Sith and Sith Pupil
  • Jedi Knight and Padawan
  • All four together

New relationship bits
Jedi Knights and Padawans as well as Sith Lords and Sith Pupils can form "Student-teacher" bonds by accepting the Child/Teen with the Padawan or Sith Pupil traits as students via the "Accept" interactions. This will give them special buffs while in each other's proximity.

Reputation and Interactions
The reputation system of "Get Famous" works as an indicator of which side you belong to.
  • Dark Side of the Force interactions will lower your reputation
  • Light Side of the Force will raise your reputation

If a student-teacher bond exists, the master will keep a close eye on his/ her student's reputation:
  • Jedi Knights and Padawans will get special buffs in each other's proximity if the student's reputation is too bad.
  • Lord of the Sith and Sith Pupils will get special buffs in each other's proximity if the student's reputation is too good.

Animations unlocked
Unlocks the animations "Mind-Trick" and Kylo's Lightsaber Draw through the interactions "Threaten" and "Mind-Trick"

"One With The Force" is actually a German mod that was made by me (since I am a native German) that I translated into English to share with everyone. This is also my first time modding, and despite extensive tests, I am handing you this "as it is" - so, like with all script mods, don't forget to back up your game before you try it.

More about the traits

Become a Lord of the Sith...

... and strike terror in other sims' hearts. Accept a child/teenager with the "Sith Student" trait as student and form a "Rule of two."

Check a Sim's ID and arrest him, if it's forged. Enforce your prisoner's loyalty to gain yourself some pocket money by collecting your dues.

Protect the galaxy as a Jedi Knight...
...and accept a Sim with the trait "Padawan" as your - you guessed it - Padawan and educate him/her about a Jedi's duties.

Sith Students and Padawans...
...should be played in combination with Sith Lord / Jedi Knight.

They can be accepted and disowned by Jedi Knight's and Sith Lords, which affects their relationships.

Sith students should take special care not to lose against Padawans or their masters might be... displeased about their weakness.

Be careful about your reputation, students...
...because your masters keep a close eye on you and might decide to intervene if you align too closely to the other side.

Take a look at the Holcrons...
...and be reminded of the Codex of your side.

May the Force be with you!