The Sims 2: Custom Animated Neighboorhood Previews (Tool for .reia files)

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Uploaded: 5th Dec 2022 at 10:36 PM
This tool allows you to make custom animated neighborhood previews!

Instead of just having a plain image, make your own flyovers and put them in-game. Or use whatever video you want that shows off your neighborhood.

How to Use
Extract the exe file somewhere and run it. The interface will look like this:

1. Input a video file. (The tool should be able to accept most formats including .gif/.mp4/etc but if it doesn't, try converting it to a .mp4)
2. Set a place to output the file to.
3. In your neighborhood folder, insert the .reia file, for example if your neighborhood is N002 the file should be called N002_Neighborhood.reia
4. Try launching the game and see if the preview works!

Note for developers
The nitty gritty details of the .reia format can be found here:[/i]