Radiophobe's Zodiac Signs 2.3 - Adopted

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Uploaded: 12th Jan 2023 at 1:10 PM
Updated: 2nd Mar 2024 at 5:10 AM
3-1-2024 Revised for the Crystal Creations 1.105.332.1020 patch

12-8-2023 Cleared for the patch.

11-8-2023 Cleared for the patch.

7-20-2023 Cleared for the patch.

New for 6-20-2023 Corrected errors in SimData that caused the incorrect icon and/or descriptions to be displayed in the Rewards Store.

New for 6-18-2023 Added the French language string table. Thank you, Jazhmock for supplying the translation!

New for 6-6-2023 Corrected a string error in the Reward Store.

New for 6-2-2023 Refreshed the Russian language string table. Thank you, Korso for supplying the translation!

New for 5-30-2023
After a long period of testing and review of LE logs it appears that the system that distributes random Zodiac signs to Sims will intermittently conflict with another mod and cause a timeline LE. The conflicting mod was never definitively identified but, to prevent any game errors, I have disabled that feature until a better system can be identified.

Many, many thanks for the extended testing, error logs and assistance from teresa7676, irishduchess575, and all the people that provided their logs and time.

I have also revised the mod to have a lower emotional impact on Sims while retaining the relationship modifiers between individual Sims.

New for 3-20-2023
Fixed issue with Virgo trait visibility appearing when it was not supposed to.

New for 3-19-2023
Confirmed working for patch 1.96.365.1030
Misc. text errors in visible buffs corrected.
There is now an integration with Helene's Preferences Plus mod - if a Sim has the 'dislike Astrology' preference, Zodiac buffs are no longer visible. They are still present and having their intended effect but will not be visible in the UI.
There is now an auto-assign Zodiac sign for all Sims Teen and older. The Zodiac sign is randomly assigned.
A cheat (right-click) menu option that can be used on the current active Sim or any Sim that you can target that is titled "Remove All Zodiac Traits." It will remove whatever trait is attached to the Sim allowing the random auto-assignment to pick a new one.

New for 1-22-2023
Corrected text for Taurus/Aries compatibility.

New for 1-16-2023
Revised mod to include the additional string tables. All languages included.
No other changes.

With kind permission, this is an adoption of Radiophobe's retired Sims 4 Zodiac Signs Mod
Radiophobe Retired Version

This mod adds the ability for any Sim to have one of the 12 zodiac traits, The zodiac traits will be added to the reward store for 1 satisfaction point, These traits are here to make your sims have more personality whilst not taking up a 3rd trait slot.

The only difference in the two mods are this one uses the XML Injector instead of a Mod Constructor script.

There are no translations in this version.

Required Items:
Scumbumbo's XML Injector ~ This allows the traits into the reward store.