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Memory Commander

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Uploaded: 21st Jan 2023 at 7:04 PM
Add common memories at the end of a character's inventory, delete any memory, and change the color of any single memory.

Monitor technical tokens (under Advanced...) of the house, family or character's inventory, or delete any of them. This is useful to verify that new scripts add tokens, such as special skill gain or NPC association, at the correct times and speed. The first four properties and the total count are shown. A click removes the token.

New memories are simple direct visual entries without associated effects, such as crying. They are taken from a hardcoded list to speed up the menu.

WARNING: To be used with care. Don't let the hand slip on the wrong menu, or a memory will be gone. The menu might move if you rapidly click through "More..." to a new page.

Buy from Electronics -> All or in debug mode: Spawn...\Memory Manager

Game version: At least Open for Business and later.

Feedback welcome about operation with early versions.