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4T2 Bathroom Clutter Kit - Conversion - Updated 26/01/2023

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Uploaded: 23rd Jan 2023 at 10:19 PM
Updated: 26th Jan 2023 at 11:21 PM
Update 26th January 2023!

Just some minor tweaks, changed the name in the OBJ file so it wont flag up in HDCU etc,
Cup and accessories / Plastik Three Drawer Organiser had the original GUIDs, Thanks HugeLunatic for pointing that out to me!

Sul Sul!

Today I have converted the entirety of the Bathroom Clutter Kit from the Sims 4 to the Sims 2! Here it is for you to enjoy!

Includes 31 objects, 1 collection file;
Light / candle found in the Lighting - misc category.
The two rugs are found in Decorations - rugs,
One wall deco found in Decorations - paintings,
The rest are found in the Plumbing - misc category.


The collection file has all 31 objects grouped together, and has the purple icon used in the Sims 4.

All swatches have been converted over, most objects have had their meshes split to have different parts recolourable for customisation.

The only thing now is for you to enjoy!
I would love to see how you decorate your bathrooms in game, please show me pictures!

Keep smiling!

Feel free to use this however you like, if you could just credit back is all I ask! Thank you!