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New Radio Station for Stereos: Pipe Organ

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Uploaded: 23rd Jan 2023 at 3:13 PM
You AND your Sims deserve a broader selection of music on your stereos. Thanks to Sasha T1804's ingenious Radio Channel Generator, I can now offer you another new station: Pipe Organ!

NOTE: You MUST download and install her Custom Channels Injector for this station to show up on your music devices in-game.

Tired of Those Kids from next door blaring their S-Pop at all hours of the afternoon? Then open the window and blow their hair back with some face-blasting Bach! The Sims 4 Pipe Organ Station isn't fluffed out with any of those passive passacaglias that slowly wander about like impoverished window-shoppers at a Tartosan street fair; it's chockfull of window-rattling full-tilt polyphonic chord-bangers that'll have those Teens running back to Copperdale.

The Pipe Organ Station will be available on all stereos and music devices and show up as a choosable and developable Preference Trait in CAS. It is indicated by custom icons. It's preferred by adult Sims and not so much by children and teens.

Music downloaded from copyright free public sources.