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Animated - Waterwheel Pack

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Uploaded: 20th Jan 2023 at 7:28 PM

For more info and some example scenes, please click this Youtube Video Link:
Animated - Waterwheel Pack

Animated - Waterwheel Pack
Finally back with something new, this time a waterwheel pack.
You might have already used the debug small and large waterwheels that came with the Cottage Living EP, but noticed that though they do rotate, there isn't any water vfx attached to them.
Almost the same counts for a debug waterwheel which was already added with the Get Together EP. This one does has a falling water from the wheel vfx, but nothing where the wheel hits the water.
So the first things I did, was making them available in buy mode and adding the missing water vfx to all 3 of them.
But there's more!

Instead of only the non-supported versions of these waterwheels, I've also added some extra variations.

- Get Together waterwheel (2): Non-supported / Supported.
- Large Cottage Living waterwheel(3): Non-supported / Supported / Non-rotating & non-animated.
- Small Cottage Living waterwheel(4): Non-supported / Supported / Wooden Base + Gutter / Non-rotating & non-animated

The supported version for each waterwheel comes with 10 recolors and 2 deco slots on each support. These deco slots can be used to place one of my bird mods on top of it for example.
The Wooden Base + Gutter variation for the small waterwheel, is added because that's how it was used in the world that came with Get Together. This waterwheel is a so called overshot-waterwheel. To make it to rotate, it needs water from the top. In this case water streaming through a wooden gutter.
The non-rotating & non-animated versions can be used for making abandoned water mills like can be seen in my video.

Generate Power
Another thing I thought would make sense, is if the rotating waterwheels would generate power. This can also be really useful on off-the-grid lots.
To check how much power is being generated, click your Sim's phone, click the "HOME" button and go to "Show bills information".
The more waterwheels on your lot, the more power will be produced.

Of course the non-rotating waterwheels won't generate any power.

All waterwheels can be placed both on terrain as on all 4 water surfaces available in game. So on pools, fountains, ponds and oceans.
They can also be placed through other objects. This makes it possible to place them in between (water)plants, without using cheats.

If you rather like to place them against a wall, be sure to always place them with the footprint arrows pointing away from the wall. If they don't, the waterwheel might looks bad or can't be perfectly connected to the wall when placing them on the grid.
If you want to squeeze them in between 2 walls, that's possible too though. You can also use shorts walls or platforms for that.

Extra Objects
Besided the waterwheels, this pack also comes with 3 extra objects.

The first one is an Axle-hole replacement.
It can be used to hide the hole that can be seen on one side of the Large Cottage Living Waterwheel (The other side is then placed against a wall).
To use it, you need to activate the MoveObjectOn cheat first. After this, use the number 9-key to raise the object to be able to hide the hole. You might need to use the ALT-key too for more precise placement.

Then there's also a Separated Wooden Gutter.
One of the Small Cottage Living Waterwheel variations, is where the waterwheel is placed inside a wooden base and has a wooden gutter hanging above it to provide water falling on top of it.
As the splashing of the water falling on top can be seen on all small waterwheel variations, you can use this separated gutter above the other variations. Otherwise the splashing doesn't make any sense. I couldn't remove it either.

In addition to this (separated) wooden gutter, I've also added a Gutter - Grid Wall Decal.
When placing the gutter against a wall, it will look as if the water streams straight out of the wallpaper that can be seen through it.
To make this to look a bit more realistic, I've added a grid wall decal that can be placed perfectly inside of this hole.
You might need to use the Alt-key for more precise placement though. I’ve also made two additional recolors.

Check the images and/or video linked above for more information. The video also shows the main thumbnail example scenes in motion.

Object information:
These mods *require the Cottage Living, Get Together and Eco Living Expansion Packs.
They're Standalone objects, so they won't override any other objects in game.
To easily find ALL objects available in this pack, type 'Waterwheel' into the search bar and click the waterwheel search tag itself, so all of them will appear in the catalog.
All Waterwheels can also be found by going to the Pond's VFX section.
The Axle-hole replacement & Separated Wooden Gutter can also be found by going to the Decoration's Misc section.
The Grid Wall Decal can also be found in the Decoration's Poster & Painting section.

All objects can be recognized by my "BakieGaming" icon in the lower right corner of the thumbnail.

The costs for each objects ins Simoleons are as follows:
- Non supported GT Waterwheel: 80
- Small CL Waterwheel: 80
- Non supported Large CL Waterwheel: 100
- Supported GT Waterwheel: 110
- Supported CL Small Waterwheel: 120
- Supported CL Large Waterwheel: 130
- Small CL Waterwheel + Wooden Base + Gutter: 140
- Non-Rotating Small CL Waterwheel: 40
- Non-Rotating Large CL Waterwheel: 50

- Axle-hole Replacement: 15
- Separated Wooden Gutter: 20
- Wooden Gutter Grid Wall Decal: 10

*Game Requirements:
If you want to be able to use everything available in this pack you will need the EP's listed below.
- Cottage Living EP
- Get Together EP
- Eco Living EP

If you don't have the Get Together EP, you won't have the supported versions.
If you don't have the Cottage Living EP, you won't have the Small waterwheel + Wooden Base & (Separated)Gutter.
If you don't have the Eco Living EP, the waterwheels won't generate any power.

Game Version:
Tested with gameversion:

Custom Content visible on the Thumbnail made by me:
Unlocked + Recolored Group of Rocks (Bonus on YouTube)
Animated - Water Stream vfx
Animated - Placeable Birds - Wild Duck (+ Ducklings)
Animated - Water reeds + Dragonflies + Catch interaction
Animated - Simblreen - Gravestones + vfx (For mist effect over water)
Unlocked Swamp Pack (For rowboat floating on water)
Animated - Placeable Birds - Pigeons
Animated - Flamingo + Water Ripple vfx
Animated - Placeable Insects - Jungle Butterflies
Animated - Placeable Birds - Small Birds Pack
Animated - Cowplant Skull + Eagle VFX
Animated - Placeable Reptiles - Iguanas
Animated - (Filthy) Bone Fish + Eagle
Walk Through Grasses - Basegame + Jungle Adventure
Amanita Muscaria (mushroom) - Glow at night

I hope you like this Waterwheel Pack and if you do, please leave a comment!
If you want to use it in screenshots or videos, be sure to give me some credit!

>> Want to share my mods? <<
Besides giving me credit and linking back to this page, I would appreciate it if you could add my video instead of (only) the thumbnail.

Additional Credits:
Icemunmun for making a custom UV map for the waterwheel support, so I could make recolors for it.
Thanks to the Sims 4 Studio
Thanks Adobe for making Photoshop