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Beauty Salon *Happy Day*

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Uploaded: 23rd Jan 2023 at 3:58 PM
Welcome to *Happy Day* , the hottest beauty salon in town.
Everything is possible here, from a makeover to the hippest tattoo. But the dream of the most beautiful wedding dress also comes true here.

Tattoo Studio - below: Tattoo Studio - Toilets
above: Office

Beauty salon - basement: Sauna - Massage - Toilets
below: Reception - Wellness - Nail Studio
above: Makeover - Hair + Make up Studio

Bridal Salon - below: Wedding Dresses
above: Wedding arch for weddings

Price Furnished: § 213.750
Price Unfurnished: § 100.057

Lot Size: 30x30

tested in game

some objects and patterns were colored by me in the game.

I used the following cheats: testingcheatsenabled true - buydebug - move objects

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Beauty Salon - by Around the Sims 3
Wedding Shop - by Around the Sims 3
Beauty Salon #2 - by Around the Sims 3