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The Sims 4 UI sound for The Sims 3

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Uploaded: 6th Mar 2023 at 11:27 AM
Updated: 24th Mar 2024 at 12:21 AM
Changes on Update V2

Update V2
The v2 update includes the replacement of the game's ringtones!

All cell phone ringtones are replaced with real cell phone ringtones, equalized so that the sound appears to be actually coming from a cell phone speaker, and I also added the sound of a cell phone vibrating, to bring a sound sensation of a real cell phone ringing.
The cell phone ringtones vary between an iPhone ringtone, a Samsung ringtone, another Oppo ringtone, another Vivo ringtone, I don't remember exactly, as I ended up losing the HD where I had the original files. Unfortunately I'm not in the mood to create a new video just to show the cell phone ringtones. Download the update you'll like it, it's definitely better than the shrill ringtones that existed in the game

Hey guys,

After many years playing The Sims 3, one of the main things about the game was bothering me (and even giving me headaches): the clicking noise of the actions menu, known as piemenu. As you may know, the sound is quite shrill and loud. I looked on the internet if there was any replacement for a soft sound, but I ended up not finding what I wanted. So I decided to make a mod on my own!

I like the interface sounds in The Sims 4, and my intention was to change just the piemenu click noise. But I ended up having a bigger ambition and decided to change practically ALL the interface sounds, and I'm sharing with you in case you also prefer the lower and softer sounds of The Sims 4 in your The Sims 3

This Mod overlays certain audio files from the base game, such as sounds from building tools, purchasing, in-game menus, interface text messages, interaction buttons, clock buttons, wishes fulfilled and adds stings when given opportunities (instead of always playing a single sound, it will play any of the three).

You can check how the sounds work in the game here:


The sounds are slightly quieter than the originals.
Some sounds are quieter than others.
Some sounds I couldn't replace because I couldn't find their original file.

Despite the despites, the result is pleasant.


Extract the zip file and drop the .package file on the Mods/Overrides folder.

Hope you like it!

Thank notes:

For denton47 for having done TS3 Sound Tool 1.0.6 BETA
For me, for the time spent