Small Puerto Rico Home Style. :)

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Uploaded: 6th Jun 2005 at 7:21 AM
HOLA people! :howdy:

I Seen amazing houses in this site enough me make me drool, ok well the way I make houses are very difrent and simple. I am from one of the island in the Caribean "My island" Puerto Rico here is where I live all my life but 2 years ago I had to leave my home and I miss it alot.

Anyways wanted to share one of my houses I don't know how will people react if they will like it or not. depending I will keep uploading more.

*Puerto Rico house info*
Price $20,641
The house has 1 bedroom, a small kitchen and one bathroom. livingroom with a small coner for a table by the kitchen.
Like alot of house in puerto rico this one has some "fences" wich is really the prinson cell door and window, you can find it here
I havent seen any tall fences of nay kind so I kinda mix it with it. @_@

the house has alot of cement cause our street are like that not much green in the side walk. and no carpets all tiles in the houses. The color of the houses are just like we use so it would make it look more realistic to what I am trying to do. Anyways I can't wait to know what you all think, Enjoy amigos.