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Testers Wanted: Metallurgy Major

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Uploaded: 6th Jun 2005 at 3:37 PM
*Note*: When using custom majors, the game may sometimes randomly show custom majors when Sims apply for majors. If this happens, you may have to assign maxis-made majors to Sims using SimPE

This major's guid is 0xEC180D4E. (For reference)

As requested by Macey246,

All the class titles are listed below. It does not replace any major since it is an add-on. The icon is the same as the bio Major because my graphic changing abilities are pretty low. I'd LOVE if someone could help me make an icon. I'd give whoever full credit, of course. The timings etc of the classes are not changed from the bio major.

Credit to Macey246 for the below info

Metallurgy: the study of science that deals with procedures used in extracting metals from their ores, purifying and alloying metals, and creating useful objects from metals.

The art of working with metals
Working with the atomic level

Refining Delicate Metals
Extracting Ores and purifying metals

Separating metals from other matters in the ore
The physical and chemical behavior of metallic elements

Heating metals to give them certain shapes and properties
Properties of metals and extracting them from the ground

How to Use Custom Majors In Sims 2 University
If you want to use custom majors in game, download the object at this thread. READ THE FAQ at the thread to make sure you know what to do. Remove the object from your downloads folder before installing the next expansion pack as it is unlikely to work.
If you DONT want to download the object, read this thread on another method on using custom majors:
DO NOT PM me with questions on using these majors.I get tons of them everyday and do not have the time to respond.