Updated June 21 I found out you need UNI for the skins to work!

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Uploaded 6th Jun 2005 at 5:12 PM · Updated 22nd Jun 2005 at 5:39 AM by Jem

I have added three more hair colors for the very light skin. Brown, Blond, Black. I will try for different styles with the other skin tones. OK this is only my third try at putting hair on a baby. The first one looked like the poor baby had a sickness of the scalp. Poor Dear! It was because I was trying to patch the hair from a child's head. A REAL Child's head! lol The second time wasn't as bad but turned out to be to red I think so I am not putting it up. Now if you all like this I'll do more for the other skin tones and also try out different colors. Oh and as an added bonus I'm trying out a new short sleeved shirt on the baby too. Oh and I have no idea what color the hair will turn when the baby hits child. Sorry there is no way I can tell.

As always once downloaded you install this into your C:/MyDocuments/EA GAMES/The Sims 2/SavedSims

Now if you don't have one please just make one.

This skin is the very light one. I hope you all enjoy it!