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Autonomous 'Suck Blood' Interaction for Vampires - Fills Hunger Bar but Doesn't Turn!

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Uploaded: 5th May 2023 at 10:25 PM
Updated: 18th Feb 2024 at 7:34 PM
UPDATE: Removed the grayed-out pie menu option for both versions of this mod. Now things will look less cluttered!

I had uploaded a mod like this before but found it to be absolutely riddled with issues after the fact so I ended up taking it down. However, this new and improved version has been tested more thoroughly and should work much better!

Vampires will now get a separate interaction from Bite Neck called 'Suck Blood'. It won't show up in the pie menu unless the Hunger bar meter is low enough. The exact level is shown in the picture above.

When the pie menu option for Suck Blood is available, so is the possibility of the interaction being used autonomously! Regardless of how it is used, Suck Blood will fill a vampire's Hunger bar to the maximum and take away a chunk of the victim's Energy. It does not turn the victim into a vampire. The relationship between both sims will not change, either.

Unlike my older (broken) mod, this interaction does not replace Bite Neck and the Grand Vampire can use the interaction as well. Bite Neck will still be available, so try not to confuse the two!

Teens-Elders can perform Suck Blood. Vampires can or cannot drink from each other depending on which version of the mod you install. While Servos cannot have their 'blood' sucked, Bigfoot can. This mod is very similar to [Black_Spirit]'s Bite Neck Satisfies Hunger Need except it absolutely is autonomous.