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No sitting on the floor while at restaurant

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Uploaded: 29th Jun 2023 at 3:29 PM
Updated: 5th Sep 2023 at 4:53 PM
!!! As I read on Patreon, the excessive wish to sit down anyway is caused by Carl's Dine Out, sadly. I'm trying to connect with Carl but no success. Looking deeper into his mod I noticed, that it forces sims to sit anyway, but he didn't notice that it is not caused by hidden interaction he prohibited? there is a conflict between 'sit_down" and the rescrictions I made. Hope he will answer and we both finally get rid of sitting on the floor sims. Latest tests: tried to resrict these postures for Neat, Squeamish and Good Mannered sims - had to give it up because the sims with these traits became impossible to interact with infants and toddlers/// so I gave up that idea for a time. Patch 1.99 - No update needed.

Hi! This is a first mod ever I made, so the testers are welcome.
I find it really annoying when your sims go to the expensive gourmet restaurant and behave really inappropriate and ridiculous constantly tending to sit on the floor to talk to someone right in their formal outfit obsessively. After multiple tries to find a mod that prevents it, I decided to try make it myself.
It overrides the posture tuning itself, fortunately there is a ready in-game restaurant-related test set, so I simply added it to these posture tuning. Definitely it will conflict with other mods that use the same tunings, I tested it with Carl's Dine Out mod and sims were rather sitting at their assigned places or standing than wiping the floor with their tuxedoes) but once or twice it still happened (IDK why), so if anyone can give me an advice how to make it more stable - would be nice.