Add Horse Ranch Traits to the Compatibility and Self-Discovery Systems from Growing Together (Updated for Patch 1.105.332))

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Uploaded: 25th Jul 2023 at 9:29 AM
Updated: 29th Feb 2024 at 3:52 AM
First of all, you will need Lot51's Core Library for this mod to work. Otherwise, you will not see any change in your game. I will not give support to users if it's clear they did not install this dependency.

February 28th, 2024

Updated for compatibility with the latest patch. Please note that Lot51's Core Library is broken at the moment, but this update should prepare this mod to be up and running once Lot updates his mod.

Now, to the mod itself...

Apparently, EA forgot to add the traits from Horse Ranch to the Compatibility and Self-Discovery Systems. Since both of them have become part of my core gameplay, I decided to add them until EA does it. So...

Compatibility System

Now the Rancher, Horse Lover, Nectar Know It All, Master Trainers, and Fear of Horses traits will influence the compatibility system as follows:
  • Nature Enthuasist: Will be compatible with Ranchers, and will be incompatible with Sims who are afraid of Horses.
  • Pet Enthuasist: Will be compatible with Horse Lovers, and will be incompatible with Sims who are afraid of Horses.
  • Hard Worker Sim: Will be compatible with Ranchers and Nectar Know It All Sims.
  • Ambitionless: Will be incompatible with Master Trainers and Ranchers.
  • Homebodies: Will be compatible with Nectar Know It All and Ranchers.

I'll be happy to receive feedback regarding the compatibility of these 5 new traits. If you feel like something is wrong, just let me know and I will tweak these values.

Self Discovery System

Unlike the reward traits, Rancher and Horse Lovers are traits available from the CAS, which means both should be added to the system. And that's what I did. Debug interactions have been added to trigger the self-discovery moments in case you want to have the milestone added (you will have to press shift and click on your sim).

Note: If you cannot find the interactions, try using Twisted Mexi's Smarter Pie Menu to search the debug interactions. Thanks @LadyNyoko for pointing out this in the comments.

In case your Sim already has that trait, you will not be able to add it.

These are the list of activities that will build progress for both traits.

  • Fertilizing, weeding, and spraying any plant. (the meat wall is not included)
  • Re-filling animals feeders (from both, Horse Ranch and Cottage Living EP)
  • Cleaning cows, llamas, sheep and goats
  • Milking cows and goats
  • Harversting wool from sheep and llamas
  • Feeding goats and sheep
  • Specifically, bottle-feeding foals, cleaning hooves and brushing the coats of horses
  • Specifically, petting sheep and goats
  • Cleaning horses' beds
  • Collecting manure
  • Harvesting wild grass
  • Making Nectar

Horse Lover
  • Most friendly interactions
  • All animal caring interactions.
  • Mounting is not and will not be included. I would have to override the interactions to make it work.

Again, if you want me to include any other activity please let me know and I will try to include it. I haven't had the opportunity to play that much with the pack. I'm really looking forward to feedback regarding how often the pop-up appears and if it's too annoying for you.

Hope you like it!


There are no known incompatibilities so far. Kuttoe's More Trait Compatibility mod is still compatible, once they add the Horse Ranch traits to their mod, I will create a version of mine that do not include the compatibility feature.

Special Thanks to:

Lot51 for his incredible library, thanks to that, I did not need to override a single file.