Attend University Online (Update 12/26/23) - Existing Save Fix

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Uploaded: 19th Aug 2023 at 8:48 AM
Updated: 21st Feb 2024 at 2:38 AM
Mod Description

“Want to get a degree? Don’t want to travel to Sims University to earn it? You’re in luck! Sims University now offers fully online degrees.”

This mod allows sims to work towards completing a university degree on the computer.

This is a script mod that can be placed in your Packages folder. It was built and tested on 1.69 but should work fine on 1.67.


  • Added Korean translation by aenskim


This mod requires The Sims 3: University Life.

  • Online University Benefits
  • Obtaining an Online Degree
  • New Interactions

Online University Benefits

Attending university online is cheaper than going to campus and doesn’t require your sim to leave their homeworld or set up a homeworld university to get a degree and its perks. If your sim has a wish to enroll in university, enrolling in online university will also fulfill it.

They can also work on multiple degrees simultaneously!

Obtaining an Online Degree

Every sim aged Teen or Older can register to complete a degree online.

It takes 96 in-game hours to complete a degree and your sim will get their diploma and extra trait once they’re done.

If your sim has traits that correspond with a specific degree (Ex: Artistic trait and Fine Arts), they will complete that degree faster than sims without them.

If your sim has the Genius trait, they will complete all degrees faster than sims without it.

If your sim has the Absent Minded trait, they will complete all degrees slower than sims without it.

Your sim will be charged for their degree upon completion. If your household funds are insufficient, the cost of the degree will be added to your next bill.

New Interactions

Register For Online University - Available under the new Sims University Online pie menu on computers and laptops

Enroll in [Degree Name] Degree - Available under the new Sims University Online pie menu on computers and laptops once a sim registers for online university

Continue [Degree Name] Degree - Available under the new Sims University Online pie menu on computers and laptops once a sim enrolls in an online degree


All of the following values are tunable in the mod’s XML files.

(In minutes)
kOnlineDegreeCompletionTime = 5760
kGeniusOnlineDegreeCompletionTime = 4320
kAbsentMindedOnlineDegreeCompletionTime = 7200
kBusinessTraitsOnlineDegreeCompletionTime = 4320
kCommunicationsTraitsOnlineDegreeCompletionTime = 4320
kFineArtsTraitsOnlineDegreeCompletionTime = 4320
kPhysicalEducationTraitsOnlineDegreeCompletionTime = 4320
kScienceAndMedicineTraitsOnlineDegreeCompletionTime = 4320
kTechnologyTraitsOnlineDegreeCompletionTime = 4320

(In simoleons)
kCostOfOnlineBusinessDegree = 4000
kCostOfOnlineCommunicationsDegree = 3200
kCostOfOnlineFineArtsDegree = 3400
kCostOfOnlinePhysicalEducationDegree = 3000
kCostOfOnlineScienceAndMedicineDegree = 3600
kCostOfOnlineTechnologyDegree = 3800

kFunMotiveDelta = -1.1

New Cheat

If you want to clear online degree progress for every sim in your world (on a per save basis), enter the cheat menu and type “ClearOnlineDegreeData” without the quotation marks.

Conflicts & Known Issues

This is a new script mod so there shouldn’t be any conflicts.


EA/Maxis for The Sims 3 and The Sims 4, Visual Studio 2019, ILSpy, s3pe, and Notepad++.

Thank You

Big thank you to gamefreak130, bellakenobi, and Anton!