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"Tears of Zelda" - Hairstyle for females, all ages

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Uploaded: 15th Mar 2024 at 12:03 PM
Well guess what, my current obsession is Legend of Zelda! More precisely the two latest games, Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. Zelda's hair in the last one is so cute, I haven't seen anything similar before, decided to give it a try on Blender. And I managed to model the braid from scratch, I'm really proud of it

Technical Information:
- For female Sims, all ages! (because toddlers and children look so cute with it!)
- Available for all clothing categories, not valid for random.
- Main texture by Pooklet, with alpha painted by hand by yours truly.
- Found in hats, with two presets: one with the hairclips, and the other where the hairclips are invisible
- EA Highlights version only. (control by Anubis, edited by me)
- It doesn't have morphs, but it is suitable for fat sims without clipping.
- Mid-polycount and all LODs.
- With custom thumbnail.
- Known issue: it has some very tiny transparency issues on the sides and in the back. (I mean, even EA hair have worse so ????‍♀️)

LOD 0: 11000 (!)
LOD 1: 5500
LOD 2: 2750
LOD 3: 1375

Stuff I used to create this hair:
Blender (my beloved), Milkshape (ugh), Photoshop CC 2015, TSRW, Cmar's Mesh Toolkit, Dynamic Hairy Brushes by Arrsistable,

Tutorials that helped me to create this hair:
- Blender 3.0 Easy Hair Cards with Curves by ELIZA
- Hair Creation Start to Finish by CardinalSims

And a huge thanks to CardinalSIms, LadySmoks and Simlicious at Tumblr who helped me with properly setting the hair up so one preset could be invisible, and also helping me figure out why the hair was making my sims go pale