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Part-Time University Jobs

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Uploaded: 27th Mar 2024 at 1:56 PM
This is a base-game compatible, part-time career mod. While the idea is that these are like work study jobs for students enrolled in university, they are really open to any Sim that is a YA, Adult, or Elder. This mod should work even without the University EP.

Your Sim starts as an applicant. They will be promoted to branch selection after one full (paid!) shift. Your Sim can then work part-time as a:

Cafeteria Worker
Campus Ambassador
Computer Lab Assistant
Financial Office Assistant
Fitness Center Team Member
Library Assistant
Study Lounge Barista
University Tutor

There are no promotions or career ladders after. These are simple, part-time jobs.

Most of the jobs have different time-of-day options (morning, noon, evening, weekend). You will need to commit to one, so if your sim is enrolled in classes I suggest you make a note of your Sim's schedule for the term before you apply for the job, then choose one based on what works for their university schedule.

You may need to quit or demote to branch selection each term to change the job if a new term class schedule conflicts with the job your Sim had last term. The options and scheduling is chaotic because of how the university EP scheduling works in the game. I tried to provide a variety of options so that you can have some kind of job regardless of whatever schedule your Sim gets each term. I know this is not ideal, but there should always be some options that work each term.

For those of us that (reasonably) cannot be hassled to micromanage their Sim's schools and work schedules every in-game week: there are evening, early morning, and weekend university jobs that should never conflict with classes. University classes only schedule from 8am to 4:25pm. The weekend jobs should also not conflict with Sims enrolled in Soccer/E-Sports activities.

This mod was made with Zerbu's Mod Constructor v5. This is my third TS4 mod. If you run into any technical issues using it, please let me know.