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Brighten Up! - 5 Wacky Shirts

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Uploaded: 28th Mar 2024 at 3:02 PM
I love tacky, colourful stuff. So it was about time I created some shirts for your Sims that match this style!
Here's what you get:

Brighten Up 1: A yellow halter top that has butterflies printed all over it. The butterfly icons are taken from the FreeTime bug collection icons.
Brighten Up 2: A white T-Shirt top that has island vacation images cluttered on it. The vacation icons are taken from the Bon Voyage travel memory thingies.
Brighten Up 3: A teal blue top that has some magic-themed icons scattered on it. The icons are taken from the Paranormal and Space interest icons.
Brighten Up 4: An orange T-Shirt top that has outlined aspiration icons (All except Grow-Up, it didn't fit more) plus a random occupied lot icon, just because. The icons are taken from miscellaneous parts of BG (And NL for the Pleasure and Grilled Cheese aspirations)
Brighten Up 5: A green T-Shirt top that matches number 4, instead it has the major outlined icons and plus a college icon. The icons are taken from University.

All aren't supposed to make sense; they're just some shirts with random pictures on them and this was the point: To create some goofy shirts which are kind of Maxis-Match. They are only for YA and Adult females.
Sorry for the ugly thumbnail, I couldn't make it look good.
No EP's required, nor are any custom meshes required. BG compatible.

This post at MATY: http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/s...pic,4629.0.html which has extracted icons.