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Sims 3 Attraction System Overhaul

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Uploaded: 26th Apr 2024 at 10:03 AM
Yeap, one more Relationship mod.
Why not Fentonparkninja mod, for example?
Because EA Attraction System is strange but the cure is strange too.
In short words, he made a lot of flavors but in each flavor he raise up to the skies one value and cut off all others.
In opposite to him I made one flavor of mod but well-balanced.
I made it for myself but why not to share?

Let's talk about it
EA made random attraction factor as 100%, Fentonparkninja made 0% - both decisions looks strange. I made it -25/+25 and now nobody fall in love with no reason with someone he must hate (EA), but at the same time attraction is not totally determined by traits (Fentonparkninja). Well, now 2 nice Flirty+Great Kisser girls have a chance to fall in love with each other and at the same time they have a chance to call each other a "slut" (sounds realistic, huh).
Traits, Occult types and Zodiac signs are important things in Sims 3 gameplay so nothing of it could be pointless excluded from the list.
Career and Skill levels really looks strange as attraction factor and useless for gameplay in this point - unlike Family funds and Celebrity level.
"Everybody loves a winner so nobody loves me..."
Oh, Sally, don't cry - find someone who match with you 2 traits + zodiac sign, be a little lucky with random value factor and you will sing
"I wanna be loved by you, just you!"
Buffs - no single reason to cut off this factor, better made the list of buffs more logical and useful. Well, that's what I did.
Get a gift from someone who dislike us? Yes, it is definitely strange.
Now we can get a gift from friends only and not every single day.

Do you want to know more details? Hmmm... OK, I can give it to you.

Well, what changes we have made in EA Attraction System?
Default values in the script, new values in bold.

File name: MFC_RelationshipController
Resource used: AttractionNPCBehaviorController.xml

AttractionLTRThresholds value="-10, 50"> 30, 90
Relationship range for an attraction gift or love letter to be sent from an NPC to a selectable sim.
AttractionGiftLetterMaxChancePerDay value="10"> 5
Max chance per day for an NPC to send an attraction gift or love letter.

File name: MFC_Relationship
Resource used: Relationship.xml

AttractionThreshold value="101"> NO CHANGES
AttractionScore threshold for these two sims being considered attracted to one another.

BaseRandomAttraction value="0, 100"> -25, 25
Relationship range for the initial random value of attraction score.
TraitModifier value="30"> NO CHANGES
Bonus if matching traits, penalty if opposing traits.
CareerBonusPerLevel value="1"> 0
Bonus multiplier per career level. i.e. level 7 would be 7 times this value.
SkillBonusPerLevel value="0.5"> 0
Bonus multiplier per skill level. i.e. level 7 would be 7 times this value.
BonusForMatchingOccult value="30"> NO CHANGES
Bonus to attraction score when both sims have the same occult type.
CelebrityBonusPerLevel value="2"> 5
Bonus multiplier per Celebrity level. i.e. level 7 would be 7 times this value.
MatchingSignsBonus value="30"> NO CHANGES
Bonus for matching zodiac signs.

AttractedMoneyAmounts value="20000, 75000, 150000"> 100000, 150000, 250000
Thresholds for [low,med,high] attraction based on family funds.
AttractedMoneyBonuses value="2, 5, 10"> 1, 6, 11
Bonuses for having a certain amount of family funds, determined by kAttractedMoneyAmounts.

PerBuffModifier value="5"> NO CHANGES
Bonus (if positive buff)/Penalty (if negative buff) for having a buff in the bonus list (this is per sim, so if both sims have it, it gets applied twice).
Positive Buff List:
EA = NiceNails, SmoothSkin, EyeCandy, Stylin, StylinPermanent, Suntanned.
NEW = Attractive, CompletelyAtEase, FeelingLucky, GreatKisser, LoveIsInTheAir, InTheMood, Pumped, Rejuvinated.
EA EXCLUDED = FreshClothing, MintyBreath, SqueakyClean, VeryFreshClothing.
Negative Buff List:
EA = GarlicBreath, Grungy, Singed, SingedElectricity, Smelly, Sunburnt, SprayTanBad, SprayTanDiscolored, SprayTanUneven.
NEW = Fatigued, Strained, Stressed.

Life stage Bonus
Youth is attractive, isn't? I am always confused to see that sims find no difference between young and elder partners.
I want to make something like this:
AttractedLifestages value="Teen, YoungAdult, Adult, Elder">
Thresholds for attraction based on sim age.
AttractedLifestageBonuses value="40, 30, 10, -20">
Bonuses for having a certain life stages, determined by AttractedLifestages.
Traits bonus
Like it was made for Buffs.
Some traits are always positive, some always negative - in addition to the matching/opposing traits bonus/penalty.

For now I don't know how to add it in the script, so I need your help.


All files made with Patch 1.67.
Must work fine with 1.63, 1.66, 1.69.

Both files supposed to be used at one time, but yes you can use just one of them if you want.


Extract files from the archive using 7zip by Igov Pavlov or any other same tool.
7-zip is free software with open source which correctly unpacking 7z, ZIP, .RAR and many others.
Download 7-zip from the official website:

Just put selected files in Mods/Packages.
You can use all these mods at the same time or choose one or two.

This is tuning mod so don't forget to check if any other mods uses the specified xml.
Must work fine will all script mods.
Must work fine will all tuning mods which not affect the specified xml.

Works correctly with all EP's.
Requires Base Game only.



Inge and Peter Jones - for Sims3 Package Editor