Historical Impromptu Archaeology Station

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Uploaded: 12th May 2024 at 10:13 PM
I re-watched the campy cult classic film The Mummy recently, and I decided I wanted to make some CC to match the early 1900s British adventurer aesthetic. And voilà, here it is: an archaeology workstation for the on-the-go historical scholar!

It has all the same functions as the regular archaeology station; you can uncover and authenticate artifacts, and then drag the whole thing into your inventory when you're done.

You can't see it well in the screenshot, but the little supply box contains a notebook, a magnifying glass, a chisel, and some brushes. The broken pot has human bones inside. It comes in 8 colors, shown below:

• Requires Jungle Adventure
• §390
• 8 Swatches
• Find it in build/buy under Entertainment or by searching Archaeology