Godseys Mercantile - The Waltons

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Uploaded: 23rd May 2024 at 1:58 PM
Time for another request.
This time I had a request for the mercantile from the TV show "The Waltons"

There wasn´t a lot of pictures available to see how it looked but I was sent a floorplan of the store downstairs and found some exterior and interior pics on the web so here is my rendition of it.
The exterior looks a bit strange where the roofing is concerned, as usual the interior doesen´t match the exterior and I had to build a second floor since the family seemingly lives up there in the show. I couldn´t find any photos of that so I just made it up.
This lot relies heavily on CC and everything is made by the wonderful "sg5150" who has allowed me to share it. You will find a link on the download page where you can go to download all the CC in one zip file.
The included CC concists of western stuff, produce, some farm equipment, a gas pump and a cash register especially made by sg5150 for this lot aswell as my sign for the mercantile based on a mesh by sg5150.
I am so greatful for all the help and permission to share the creations.

So on to the store.
The downstairs has a mercantile fully stocked aswell as a small post office and an area with a pool table for your sims to play. :D
From there a staircase leads up to the second floor where the Godseys live. It has a kitchen/living area aswell as two bedrooms and a bathroom.
Everything is built in old western style and the lot in my game is placed in Oasis Springs.
It is set as a residential but feel free to use it as you please.

Lot size: 30x20
Furnished price: 50,115
Unfurnished: 14,723

The following kits has been used:

Book Nook
Basement Treasures
Greenhouse Haven
Bathroom Clutter
Little Campers
Country Kitchen

I hope you like it.