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TS3 Modern Map Tags

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Uploaded: 6th Jun 2024 at 9:13 PM
Updated: Yesterday at 9:15 AM
This is a default replacement mod that overrides the image of the town view map tags with minimalistic design. I never liked the look of the original map tags. They represent 3D bubbles, with mid-2000's style. Now the tags are easier to be seen and noticed. The mod includes some icon ehancements, such as the household one and other icons.

This mod will not conflict with anything unless you have something that replaces the exact same texture files. As such, it is compatible with all versions of the game, will not need updating for EPs/patches, and really is about as safe and simple as anything possibly can be. However, there are some custom UI mods that can possibly interference of proper functioning the mod of mine.

Installation is easy - it don't need any special skills or knowledge. As it's a package, you need to put it in Mod/Packages, or Mods/Overrides folder if you like to give the mod more priority.