Cozy Bistro Kit & Star Wars GP Booth Dine Out Fix

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Uploaded: 4th Jun 2024 at 2:28 PM
Updated: 4th Jun 2024 at 3:59 PM
The booths from Cozy Bistro Kit and Star Wars GP do not work properly with Dine Out (surprise surprise its EA). Sims cannot request tables at them, they do not show up as dining spots in restaurants and waiters will not deliver food to these slots.

Yes if you add chairs to the Cozy Bistro booth it will give the illusion that they do work, however, look closely - only the chair slots are recognized as dining spots - the booth slots do not work in restaurants! And the Star Wars corner booth does not work at all!

This mod simply fixes this - both booths now fully support restaurants. Requires Dine Out plus at least Cozy Bistro Kit and/or Star Wars GP to be of any use. Sadly both booths are now recognized by the game as cc as I had to edit their tags, but it's the only way.

For full transparency, the objects edited in question are:

Vintage Velvets Dining Booth - from Cozy Bistro Kit
Cantina Booth - from Journey to Batuu Game Pack

Mod is perfectly safe to remove, although just don't remove it whilst your Sims are using the booths in the middle of a restaurant meal, that could corrupt things.

And please, if you HATE this bug as much as I do, please click "me too" on the Sims 4 bug forum, its the only way The Sims team will fix this: