Ruth's Dynastic Rooms (no CC)

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Uploaded: 7th Jun 2024 at 6:15 PM
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Ruth's Dynastic Rooms... lodgings for the discerning sim for whom looks are everything, and money is tight.
Based on the 'Dynasty Dwelling' lot that comes with Mansion & Garden Stuff.

- An apartment lot with no custom content, this is ready to plug-and-play.
- These rooms are priced at 473-489 simoleons per week.

Important to note:
- These are ROOMS that sims can rent in a large house. The living and dining areas, bathrooms and a kitchen area are communal space.
- Each room has a kitchenette - you can get rid of this, but do be aware that for the downstairs main kitchen fridge to function, a mini fridge must exist in the rented room.
- If a dining chair exists in the rented room, the sim will likely use this to sit down and eat food in, rather than the dining table downstairs.

Each room is furnished with:
- IKEA Malm bedframe, bedside table, clothing dresser
- IKEA Lampan beside light
- Counter Culture "Surface" counter
- MMM Mini Fridge
- Shinytyme kitchen sink
- Flashwave Microwave
- SimLine wall phone
- Basically Bare Bulb
- Regolit ceiling light

The facilities provided on-site are:
- A fully furnished large kitchen
- Adjacent dining area to kitchen
- Fully furnished living space, including a TV, desktop computer, chess table, bookcase, dartboard and pool table.
- 3 full bathrooms (1 downstairs, 2 upstairs)
- A delightful garden area with pond