340 Audrey Avenue Remake

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Uploaded: 10th Jun 2024 at 8:20 PM
When I firstly saw this house I thought that it has really interesing shape and idea for itself. I think most of the Belladonna Cove lots are well thought trough, but they have lack of interest of making them more beautiful and furnished, than they already are. And there is where I come in!
I worked with what EA gave me in this lot, rather than making and shaping it all over again as I often use to do.
I think that after my renovations this house looks more like a little rich manor for sims from higher class.
I like how the kitchen looks now because I really didn't change much there. Just cosmetics matters.
A little library upstairs making it also a corridor looks fancy. I like how I was able to put chess and phone on a table there and everything is also functional.
I looked into original sims that lived there and I wanted to make their bedrooms more personal. I also wanted to make upstairs bathrooms diffrent from each other.
I couldnt really make nice surrounding around the house because garden is too small, but I was able to put some plants there and I changed the shape of the roof a little to make it higher and more exprnsive looking.

I used cheats to build it, I tested it so it should work fine.

I didn't use any custom content to build this.

I built this in "The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection", so I don't know how it will work with other versions of the game.

I hope you like it!