Zelda - The Legend Of Zelda

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Uploaded: 20th Jul 2005 at 8:37 AM
First of all:
I want to thank Nintendo for making The Legend of Zelda.
I also want to thank Delphy, Wes_h, Quaxi and all the MTS2 staff, for making this possible...
I thank you all the beta testers, and our wonderful community for all the help provided, wonderful tutorials, great conversations, sugestions, compliments, critics.... you get what i mean....

I always encourage you to read the Posting Guidelines

ATENTION: This is a Mesh Set!!
(All the custom meshes, hair and bodies, were made by ME)

Hair - 1020
Young adult, adult and elder bodies - 2288
Teen body - 2278
Child body - 2068

Custom Content:
The Pre-Made Sim has some maxis used content (skin, eye, eyeliner, lipstick, eyebrow). However it does also include an eyeshadow i made for her.
Again, all the custom meshes, hair and bodies, were made by Me.
And the baby body is not a mesh itself, but a recolor of a maxis' existing outfit.

Hey Fellows,
Hah! Gotcha! I told you it was gonna take a while to make Zelda (I actually tought it would), and this made me want to work on her more and more.. And surprisingly she got finished before expected Lol! I also think I finally did some good textures, At least i like it better this time... I tried hard to make this look good

Well, I decided to put everything in .rar this time, it's faster and better anyways... And as always they are all self explanatory.
This time i got a little more organized, so when you get to download the files for Adult, Young Adult and Eldery sims, please consider the following:
For those of you that do not have the Expansion Pack 2, do not get the file that says UNIVERSITY in it, instead, get the file that says NOEP. The same applies to those that have the EP, get the file that says UNIVERSITY.

(critics, suggestions, and comments are always welcome)

How to Install:
I recommend you to extract all the .rar files, take them out of the folders they come in, and put all ".package" under \My documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\SavedSims. Or if you prefere, you may also put them under \My documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads. Then, if you downloaded the Pre-Made sim, run the installable package.

You are wondering if there is more to come? Maybe... Maybe not.. who knows? All i can say is that i love to make and share this stuff, and i am thinking some things are missing here...
Meanwhile get Link here:

My Recolor Policies are:
I kindly ask you to please follow some basic rules:
You all have permission to recolor/modify/redistribute.
However, "do not redistribute" without letting me know (by adding a link to your creation here on this thread, or sending me a Private Message), and no matter where you upload it to, always link back to ModTheSims2 (to this thread if possible) so people can get the original thing!
(Credits are definatelly welcome too)

If you want to modify my meshes and redistribute:
- provide a link to this thread..

if you want recolor and redistribute:
- Provide:
*The NAME of the mesh;
*A link to this thread;
- DON'T upload my creation itself on the exchange (just recolors etc).