Brian Molko of Placebo

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Uploaded 27th Jul 2005 at 3:19 AM · Updated 27th Jun 2006 at 2:23 PM by AmandaPanda1988

After being estatic about kavar filling my mesh request I decided it was time to make Brian Molko. Brian Molko is the frontman of the band Placebo. I spent a pretty long time on this so I hope everyone likes it.

Adult Male, I would suggest making him a romance sim :D

Clothes : Me
Eyes : Helaene in the gentics section
Eyeliner : (ones in preview not included download here : Maxis eyeliner in download
Skin : (one in preview not included download here : Maxis Light in download
Eyeshadow : Me
Hair : Kavar (you need the mesh if you dont have it already)

Now for the other downloads in this. While I was waiting for the website to come back online I made 4 outfits for him. 3 of them have to be downloaded separately but are only available for download in this thread! These outfits are actual outfits that he has worn. And here are the pictures.

I used this picture for the outfit that he comes with in the download. The outfit is full body.

This is "outfit 1" I recolored pajamas to make this but they show up in both everyday and pajamas.

This is "outfit 2". It was the first outfit I made for him. It shows up in everyday full body.

This is "outfit 3" It is just a shirt not the pants. I have no idea where I got the pants so dont ask me I actually like the way this one came out for some reason.

You may do what you want with my sim. Please give me credit if you use any of the clothing, the face, and the eyeshadow. Thank you!

Enjoy and please comment and tell me what you think!

About Pictures:
The picture with the close up is the one i used heavily for the eyes, lips, nose, and chin. The last picture i used heavily for the nose, jaw, forehead, and lips. And I used a various amount of pictures for the rest of the face.

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