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Hotpants by Beosboxboy for my bodybuider, adult and YA - UPDATED 08-02-2005

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Uploaded 30th Jul 2005 at 4:05 PM · Updated 15th Dec 2005 at 12:02 AM by marvine : better with the mesh :)

*08-02-2005: improved the neck to better fit the body, corrected the uv-map to make recolours easier - the mesh file should be re-dowloaded, and will overwrite the former version.

So, once more I'm proud to post Beosboxboy's work! :bow2: :valentine

*and totally disgusted, since I spent all night helping to figure out the assignments weightings for nothing, and this guy snaps is fingers or something AND IT WORKS.*

Screencaps by the guy himself, he knows he can't trust me for that.

And err... the usual stuff, recolour as you want but PLEASE DON'T REDISTRIBUTE THE MESH, link back to the thread instead.