*requested* Currier & Ives paintings

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Uploaded: 9th Aug 2005 at 9:34 PM
requested by Tiggercat. These are not all of their work, but it is my fav's from the website click here for more info on the Currier and Ives paintings Some of the pictures may look dark or smeered, but keep in mind that's how the original was. Hope u like them :Pimp:

btw,as If you have a request for either bedding and or paintings/posters, drum sets, children's stoves, or just about anything else, just either post it in the right place and pm (private message) me letting me know you got a job for me. Or you can just pm me (if it has a picture and or link I recomend the 1st option) btw I am going on another vacation and school is starting soon, so it may take longer than usuall.