Testers Wanted: Traditional (animated) French Mantle Clock

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Uploaded: 10th Aug 2005 at 9:20 PM
Updated: 6th Jan 2009 at 2:56 PM by -Maylin-
Would you guys mind testing this for me please?

Made with Milkshape, The Mesh Tool and SimPev0.42 it is colour enabled, EP ready (not required) and has its own GUID (no conflicts)

Polygon Count : 447 (= low )

This is (another) animated (time telling) clock...but this time, a TRADITIONAL (mantle) clock!

It has no chimes or ticks and never needs winding. There are NO interaction, but it tells the correct SIM time

This is for you traditionalists out there (who didn't like my modern mantle clock ).

It is based on a traditional French Mantle Clock design...and comes with an additional five recolours. (The default is the one in the main pic on its own).

Some of the recolours mean that this CAN be used in more modern houses (especailly the blue and white ones).

It comes in Cherry wood (default), Natural Pine, White Ash, Black Ash, Green (Stained) Pine ...and the blue one!

It can be found in Electronics/Small Electronics

It can be placed on ALL surfaces -Thanks Numenor!- (including the fireplace mantle).

Please report any issues..and thanks for testing


Recolours: (As with all my objects,) please DO NOT post any files that contain my original mesh.

You are free to post your recolour files (preferably here, in the recolours section). Please pm before posting recolours....I always reply!.. as I love to see what you recolour artists can do with my stuff!
(Remember to post a link back here for the original mesh)

LOTS: Please do NOT include this (or any other of my objects) in any LOT uploads. These are (still) BETA objects, here for testing, and not yet ready to 'inflict' on an unsuspecting LOT downloader.

********KNOWN ISSUE**********
This clock will disable the pie menus for the Maxis alarm clocks. They will still tell the time correctly, but you wont be able to set them for work/school etc. If you wish to use a maxis alarm clock in your game, please remove this file from your download folder. Sorry!***************************************