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Bling Bling The Dealer

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Uploaded: 24th Aug 2005 at 10:18 AM
Bling Bling The Dealer

Introducing Bling Bling, Over 80% of his body is tattooed and what isen't is pierced with body jewelry. Infact Bling seems to have somehow raided Mr-T's Jewlry collection, hence his street name of Bling Bling. Bling clames to be in the "Special Delivery" business, but somehow only uses a cell phone and pager to do it. Everyone seems to be Bling's friend even tho not much of anything is known about him. The Sim City Police like Bling so much that they folow him everywhere :D

The face jewlery and tattoos are a mask and all the body tats are special alpha tricks on the outfit. the Skintone is my extra special *trashed* skintone that looks like it's in desperate need of a bath and de-lowsing.

The outfit mesh is available via the Sims2 University EP
The uber long nappy dreads mesh is available at CompulsiveD's website: