Lily The Pouting Toddler

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Uploaded: 1st Sep 2005 at 9:51 PM
Updated: 19th Nov 2008 at 9:44 PM by Canoodle
Okay i tried very hard to read everything and get all the information before uploading a sim and i hope i did this right. This is my very first upload so be patient with me. Okay her name is Lily and she is a toddler (obviously) I thought she was just so adorable that i decided to put myself through hell and figure out how to share her. I am very computer illiterate!! Shes also a pretty all grown up, I tried all of the life stages to make sure each one looked okay and they did....So here she is, I really hope you like her!
The only custom content is her eyes, i tried not to make her have anything but maxis things because i know its a pain to have to go and download things for just one sim but without the eye color i used she just wasnt as cute...

Custom Content:
EYES by helaene