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Testers Wanted:EP & CEP Req. *Mod Fences & Stair Sets (Recolors)*

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Uploaded: 13th Sep 2005 at 7:44 PM
Hi everyone.

I played around with the new fence recoloring feature in SimPE because I NEEDED some new modern looking fences! HUGE thx to Quaxi for the Fence

Tutorial & for some extra help with my dumb questions & also Numenor for making the Holy Smoke glass stairs recolorable! :D

There are 5 fences...3 glass (I made another black one with a slightly darker glass than Maxis' but it's not pictured) & 2 metal. There are also 4 sets of Holy

Smoke stair recolors in black, grey, bright white & a dull white (to match Maxis' metal railing.) BTW can someone please tell me why Maxis made a black

modern metal gate in University but didn't do the fence?? Oh well.

In order for the stairs to work, u MUST have Numenor's Holy Smoke Stairs recolorable base in your game. U can find it here:


Be sure to follow his instructions on how to see the recolors in the game. Enjoy! :D