ijVeluxLarge - 4-6 bedroom family home with roof windows

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Uploaded: 16th Sep 2005 at 10:41 AM
Updated: 18th Sep 2005 at 8:14 AM
This house uses the following custom content:
Numenor's invisible wall from http://forums.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=59793
Jennihaze's glass floors from http://forums.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=81890

This is the largest in the Velux range, and comes with a landscaped garden.

A large family home with a three floors, two galleried landings, a balcony, and Velux roof windows. It is fully yet informally furnished with everything a family with school age children or teens could need. I usually find single-storey homes work better for families with toddlers and babies.

The two downstairs bedrooms are furnished as a TV lounge and study, but with the huge family room/kitchen and generous gallery to provide communal areas, these could easily revert to bedrooms. Also the upper landing can easily be walled off to make a 7th double bedroom.

There is a small glitch in the wall above the patio doors and you can see a slight crack, but that is a side-effect of using the wall cheat and I don't think it notices much during play

Price: £107,521 ; Lot size: 4x3, landscaped.

Edit: In my game I have added a garage to the right of this house, next to the patio. I made it one row wider than the drive, and that allows a person door to be placed in the side to allow entry from the patio so they don't need to open the garage door until the car is ready to leave.