== Testers Wanted == Interaction Move In to all sim ages *NIGHTLIFE ONLY* (Update - 01/10/06)

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Uploaded: 19th Sep 2005 at 2:06 AM
Updated: 6th Mar 2006 at 12:56 AM - adding 1st NL Patch compatibility.

If you are looking for Uni or Original Version, go to this thread:



jase439's InTeenimator NL version
JM Pescado's No Townie/NPC Move-In Amnesia (if updated to Nightlife EP)
Squinge's Townie No memory loss (located at this site)

ALWAYS MAKE A backup to test mods and hacks!!!

First, i like to explain that with nightlife EP, the Move In feature is a little different from the others versions.
So, i got nightlife 3 days ago and i was playing with the BHAVs to see what i could do it to make a version for Nightlife.

So far, is working fine. I can move in teen/child townies using adults, teens and children but when moving teen/children townies the memories
of them are been deleted. So, i create an extra feature for this NL version.

When you propose to move in a townie (only for townies) will appear a dialog
to you choose if you keep the existed memories or use the default game creation of CAS memories. But remember, if you are moving a townie teen or child, if the chose is to set a CAS history will make the memories of that sim be blank.

Dialog option:

No CAS history option selected: (see memory section)

To be a little more clear, the "memory amnesia" only happens with townies, so
if you move in a teen/children from other family will mantain the memory and the dialog will not appear.

I need to test a little more and i think that i can post it here for people that like this option modified by this mod.

Another new option that i made is that now you can choose in 2 versions for Nightlife.

*"moveinall_EP2.zip" is the normal move in option, with just the child and teen added.
You need a good relationship score for the option appear and the sim accept it. Relationship required is default by the game.

*"moveinall-nofriends_EP2.zip" is a new version that you can propose to move in without a good relationship score. So, after you meet one sim, the option will appear and the sim will accept to move to the house if asked. So, with a relationship 0/0 to 100/100 will make the sim accept the proposition.

I hope that no problems appear with those new options that i worked.
if problems show up, please, let me know.

have fun! :D

other observation is that with nightlife you have to enable custom contents or the hacks will not work in the game.
bairy made a thread in nightlife section of this site to explain how to enable/disable the hacks:



Update - 10/03/05

fixed the child proposition that was left by mistake. please, redownload it.


Update - 10/13/05

- making to take advantage of the changes included by the 1st NL Patch
- changed the dialog text (as suggested by ahmird2) - "Would you like to erase the memories of this townie?"
- adding a little fix to vampire teens and elders been able to use the vamprocillin-D
(not related to this mod *maxis mistake*, but use the same pie menu table)


Update - 01/10/06

- Fixed a problem with the proposition to move in for a greek house (reported by cascaneda). Cascaneda already tested this update and looks fine now.
Sorry for the trouble.