Starter Town House No.1

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Uploaded: 8th Oct 2005 at 9:45 AM
There are not enough types of small, starter town houses in the game, in fact there are only two, and I decided to make some, so our new grown up Sims will have a nice place to live Downtown, before they can save some money and move into the bigger house.

This one is the first one and has a garage on the first floor with some space for exercise machines or musical instruments or whatever you want your Sims to do in the garage. On the second floor you have little bedroom , bathroom , livingroom,kitchen and a corner to eat.

Also you have a little garden to have parties in or to grow your favorites flowers.

The House is fully furnished with basics, like bed and stove, so your Sims can move in without hesitations.

There is no car in the garage.

*There are no hacks and/or custom content in this package.

Have fun!