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Plickas long female hair

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Uploaded: 10th Oct 2005 at 7:24 AM
Another new mesh! i'm finally getting a little better with the movement of my meshes but it's still far from perfect, this one does a weird angle with the hair around the neck level when the sims head turns, i dont think it's a big deal though because this is a beautiful looking mesh! this works for YA-Elder female and only needs the original sims2 to work, credits to wes for his plugin.
credits also to Knightskykyte whos black hair texture i've used for this and recoloured to make the other standard maxis colours, all the colours are included with the mesh, remember you must keep at least one of the colours for the mesh to show up.

As usual feel free to recolour but dont repost this mesh, a simple link back here is fine!