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My Recolor of Warlokk's formal Mesh

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Uploaded: 16th Oct 2005 at 1:48 PM
It's only in the sizes that I use in the game
1. 34c enhanced and 36 hips
2. 34c enhanced and 38 hips
3. 36d enhanced and 38 hips

I have altered the alpha a little and made it into everyday and formal, feel free to recolor but keep it free.

The models are not available for downloads( too much custom content )
the only things in the package(s) are clothing.

Thanks to Warlokk for creating these great meshes and making them available for our use. You will need to check for his not default nudes project and there you will find all of his great creations.

This outfit will not be on my site as they are strictly a gift to the great people here on MTS2 and to Warlokk who took a tremedous amount of time to create these meshes. I have them in both rar and zip format any questions or problems let me know.