Ascension V2 - more colors (and recolorable)

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Uploaded: 17th Oct 2005 at 6:19 PM
Updated: 17th Oct 2005 at 6:26 PM
First let me state emphatically that this is a separate object from the Ascension Stairs. It is not a replacement, and you can have either or both of them installed at the same time.

So what's different about this version?

5 new colors. Transparent, glass block, stone, marble, and "poor man's wood".

Why not just make recolors of the original instead of a whole new object?

Because I was requested to make Ascension recolorable, and although it already was, the texture mapping was a nightmare. This version has a nice, neat, user-friendly texture map. Otherwise it's the same as the original object.

This can also be thought of as a replacement for the original, as it is exactly the same, except is easily recolorable. The only reason to keep the original now is if you like the 5 original colors. But by all means, feel free to use both!

Optional File for Recolorers

I've included for download the archive, "AscensionV2_UVWmap". This contains 3 files: A .jpg image of the UVW map, a Photoshop .psd image of the UVW Map (with transparency), and a readme file that explains how the object is mapped. Hopefully these files will make your recoloring experience much easier.

Updated Useage and Distribution Policy

Included in the "Ascension V2" (stairs) archives is an updated readme.txt file with changes to my useage/distribution policy. Hopefully this will be an aid to recolorers and lot-creators here at MTS2, and help to provide the Sims 2 Community with even more cool stuff!



Edit: I also wanted to mention that I'm aware that the circular styling of this object may not fit easily into all interior designs. Therefore I will be creating one more (hopefully the last one) version of the stairs, in a square, "door-mat style" shape.