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GunMod's Camera Mod 3.1 -- All Game Versions --

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 19th Oct 2005 at 1:00 AM
Updated: 28th Sep 2009 at 7:55 AM by -Maylin-
UPDATED to 3.1 Please Re-download and reread the functions.

GunMod Presents: Camera Mod 3.1

  1. Neighborhood Cam - UPDATED
    Go to the far edges of your neighborhood to place lots and objects.
    See a TOP DOWN view of your neighborhood by rotating camera.
    Zoom in or out farther than before.
    Improved movement speeds, rotation
  2. Live Mode Cam - UPDATED
    Lower camera angles with no ground clipping
    Object Fade enhancement. Comes in two versions. (See Below)
    Clipping enhanced to allow extreme close ups without objects "disappearing".
    Top Down view available in Live Cam mode by rotating camera.
    Improved movement speeds, rotation
    Be warned, the way Maxis designed the Live mode cam, it WILL slow down
    on the highest zooms and the closer to the ground you are (Not nearly as slow as before though). This mod zooms in much closer than Maxis ever intended so this side effect is something that can not be totally removed.
    In way this is for your benefit as if the camera moved as quickly as it does
    full zoom as when its zoomed out you wouldn't be able to control it.

  3. CAS Mode Cam
    Zoom in when in any mode!
  4. Free Mode Cam - UPDATED
    This should now be considered High Detail Camera.
    No Fading, No clipping in either version.
    Very slow movement. This done on purpose with this cam.
    The purpose of this cam is for story telling, screen-shots, and movie grabs.
    Refined movement speeds, rotation
    If you follow the usage instructions below you will find this camera can be very powerful for these modes. This camera is NOT intended as a play camera. Movement is slow, zoom is slow, and placement is slow.
    But you can get very exact shots and movies this way.
  5. Cinema Cam - UPDATED
    The Cinema Cam is the camera the game switches to when events happen.
    You no direct control over this camera
    (Like getting married, woohoo, etc) Fading and clipping removed
  6. Tracking Cam - UPDATED
    This is the camera that is started when you are in Live mode
    and RIGHT CLICK on a Sims icon.
    It tracks the player movement until you move the mouse away from
    the Sim.
    Enhanced tracking. Camera now acts more like a TV cam in the way it moves
    with every little movement the sim makes.
    If the Sim is moving body back and forth, cam will move back and forth.
    I tweaked it so that it doesn't do it too much, but does it enough to be convincing.
    Higher Zoom Modes.


Back up your My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Cameras folder with either WinZIP or WinRar. if you have Mod 3.0, just extract over it.

Open the RAR file and extract contents into:
My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Cameras folder
Allow files to overwrite.

Usage (Very important!)

When in Neighborhood View:
To tilt camera up, down, left or right - Hold middle mouse button down (Mouse wheel)
and move mouse up or down
To Zoom Use Z or X or your Wheel Mouse
The farther you zoom in, the slower the camera.
To enter Free Mode: Hit the Tab key. Camera now works like a First Person Camera.

First Person Camera or Free Cam mode (Live and Neighborhood Views)
Remember this camera, by design is SLOW. This is done on purpose.
To Enter Free Mode: TAB
To move forward: W
To move backward: S
To Move left: A
To move right: D
To move down (lower altitude): Q
To move up (raise altitude): E
To zoom in or out: Z or X
To exit Free Mode: TAB

CAS Mode Camera (Does NOT work in Body Shop, only in-game character creation)
To Zoom Use Z or X or your Wheel Mouse
To reset zoom: Switch to different subset (from face to clothing etc)
All modes are zoom-able!

Live Mode Camera:
To tilt camera up, down, left or right - Hold middle mouse button down (Mouse wheel)
and move mouse up or down
To Zoom Use Z or X or your Wheel Mouse
The farther you zoom in, the slower the camera.
To enter Free Mode: Hit the Tab key. Camera now works like a First Person Camera.


How to best utilize the Free Mode Cam (TAB key)

The best way I found to use the camera is as follows:
If there is a certain scene you want to capture, be it screen-shots, or movies,
1) Use the Live Mode Cam to position the camera close to where you want it.
2) Hit TAB and enter Free Mode.
3) Now using the proper keys, position the camera where you would like it.
Very quick presses of the movement keys will result in VERY small movements or zooms.
Longer key presses will result in slightly quicker movement.
Zooming out farther will result in slightly quicker movement (not much)
Raising the camera higher will result in slightly faster movement (again, not much)
The Camera can go as close to the ground as possible without going "through" the ground.
However, If you are on a floor that has a foundation, the camera CAN go below the foundation.
Roads do not have much clipping force, so if you are on a road piece, be aware that sometimes the camera can be placed below the actual road.
Camera can now rotate all the way up (Toward the sky), and all the way down (directly under you).
The clipping has been reduced from 3 feet (Maxis default) to ONE INCH
So if you want to get REAL close, get close.
Remember, use the live camera to first get in an ideal place, then use this mode for fine tuning.

Who knew that Sims 2 has 2 moons?

A Riddle: Inside the face, lies the tools to devour


I want to thank everyone who gave me feedback on 3.0, and esp. to xylune for pointing out a very glaring "bug"


I have included 3 versions, Here are the ONLY Differences:

GCM-31-A.RAR : No Fade No Clip Version.
In this version, Fade does not exist.
Clipping reduced for great close ups. (I prefer this version)

GCM-31-B.RAR : No Fade Default Clipping Version.
In this version, Fade does not exist.
Clipping is at Maxis defaults.

GCM-31-C.RAR : Maxis Live Mode Version.
In this version, Fade exists as Maxis default.
Clipping is at Maxis defaults.
This means you can zoom closer, but watch the clipping (See riddle

Please download the one you want.
You can of course, always try another mode by installing over the previous.

As a goodwill gesture, I have also included:
This is just the backed up default cams in case (gasp) you forget to back them up. Just hope Maxis doesn't turn me into the the RIAA