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Tiger Safari Bedroom set (by request)

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Uploaded: 27th Oct 2005 at 5:52 AM
This bedroom set was requested by Mayonaka and she probably thinks I forgot. Sorry it took so long. The set includes a recolor of Phelana's Rattan Bed and Armoire from Meshkiste site.(thanks Phelana and Bridget for use of your meshes) The meshes are already included with the zip. Also you need the mesh for Echo's 3x4 rug .(thanks echo for use of your mesh) follow the posted link for the rug mesh if you don't have it already. And in my opinion Meshkiste site is well worth taking a look at. (My thanks to alanyangel for turning me on to thier site!)other than that the rest are all maxis objects.

The whole set includes:Canopy bed and bedding(magnificently medevil)
Double bed and bedding (Bed by Phelana recolor)
Armoire ( recolor of armoire by Phelana)
2 sets curtains (1 set deluxe veil of dreams) (1 set cornerstone victoriana)
3x4 floor rug
reading chair(armchair by club distress)
desk chair (penn station side chair)
Vanity (the only one that maxis made)
privacy screen (the only one maxis made)
standing floor lamp (social climbing ivy lamp)
nitestand (merokkan endtable)
4 wall hangings (2 recolors of red vs. blue) (2 recolors of suspense)
2 wall coverings
2 floor coverings

As always thanks to all who make it possible to create new and recolored objects. Lets face it the game would be so boring..lol And to MTS2 for the place to post, and much thanks to all my fellow download aholics, without whom there would be no need to create at all. Enjoy!