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Mark Lemoray- Futurist, Diver, Philanthropist

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Uploaded: 6th Jun 2014 at 4:44 AM
Updated: 6th Jun 2014 at 7:27 AM

Hey all this is the one, the only, Mark Lemoray. He was featured in my story about my new haunted future house for modern day. You can read more of his story and download the future househere. It's haunted because it has a small graveyard with two graves of his actual descendants. If you like Mark, it may be worth downloading just to see his descendants.

This guy is actually a born in game sim from two sims I didn't upload here. I uploaded them months and months ago onto the exchange before I uploaded here. If you want their download links, I can find them for you.

I admit that I did edit him a bit, but I just moved his nose up a notch. Sometimes you have to change sims just a tad to get them how they were 'meant to look' .

Mark is an all around happy kind of guy. Most people like him because of that. His favorite things in life include traveling to the future (which he really doesn't talk about since only those in his family can travel to the future (the why is answered in the future house thread)). He enjoys all of the technology of the future and utilizes it as much as he can.

He also enjoys scuba diving and basically anything outdoors. Wanna go hiking, fishing, biking? Mark is totally there! He is also a good reactor to stories since he gets excited very easily... There's also the fact that he is a witch. He enjoys utilizing his powers to make life easier, and to help other people. He hopes to one day have enough money to become a philanthropist. He hasn't yet, but he thinks he may even try dabbling in inventing, as if he wasn't well round enough.


loves the outdoors
loves the heat


Eyebrows 6 (by Wundersims)
Contacts (by Breyete)
skin (ESkin-nAtural tan non-default by teru k)*
Blue Hair (by Lapiz Lazuli)

*I made sure to save my sim without the non-default skin. If you use the default version of the skin, his features will look the same, his skin will just be a different tint.

EP information:


Everyday: Island Paradise
Formal: Island Paradise and supernatural
Sleepwear: ITF pants
athletic: University
Swimwear: Island Paradise

He also has the stubble from late night, and if you want him as a witchy, you'll obviously need supernatural. However, he is a well rounded guy, so that isn't pertinent to his personality .


facial sliders (by bella3lek4)
Body Sliders (by Jonha)
Eyelashes and its sliders (by sclub)
Make sure to download both the sliders, and the male eyelashes at the bottom of the download page!


I use master controller as my slider hack to get his face to look like this (facial sliders on x3, body sliders same as default), or you can use some other slider hack. MC is found here